Sylvia Monique Blankendaal

Sylvia Monique Blankendaal (1976) is a conceptual Dutch artist, based in Amsterdam. Having studied cultural anthropology, her academic background has shaped her basic stance towards life: ‘Always question everything’.

Her style can best be described as mathematical, yet fluid and intuitive. She ‘paints’ with glass, hand-cutting the glass and gold pieces.

Mirrors and glass

One theme she explores in her work are abstract city landscapes. Another recurring theme in her work is the balance between the elements of nature.

As for primarily working with mirror glass, Sylvia Monique explains: ‘Reality is seldom what we perceive it to be. The decoding of an image on a micro level alone therefore already raises questions such as: what is reality?

The illusion of reality

Reality on a macro level is always so multi-layered, and multi-faceted that one can hardly speak of a consensus reality, and yet all society’s main issues revolve around this flawed idea that there is such a thing as a general consensus in perception. Sylvia Monique’s glass panels create the illusion of being windows, again highlighting the main theme of her work. The ultimate illusion of reality.


Kunstzalen A. Vecht: 2013-present
Toussaint Bonnet: 2013-present
GAF 2014
PAN 2014
Het Arsenaal, Jan des Bouvrie 2015
PAN 2015
Salone del Mobile 2016
Palazzo Turati, Masterly Milano 2016


More than Classic 2014
Villa d’Arte 2014
HP/De Tijd 2015
Glamourland 2015
Flying Dutchman, KLM magazine 2015

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